Saturday, November 9, 2013

clean children 's toys

Toys are for children almost like family members . They spend many hours playing with them and also metiéndoselos in the mouth . Parents must have a series of about hygiene habits to prevent infection in the child.

Children play all day, inside and out, with his favorite toys . Toys play a vital role in the development of a child's life . Avoid health problems by cleaning passes them occasionally .

Kids and toys

It is appropriate for the child to use each toy to what is due . That is, the " outdoor toys " ( such as shovels and buckets for sand ) is better not to use at home . In any case , we have a shovel for home and one for the park.

Toys should be cleaned especially if used outside the home. In general , parents will suffice with soap and water , but you can also use wipes disinfectant at children or a clean cloth dampened with water.

Raising Kids

Parents should educate children gradually playing habits . We have to teach kids to play at suitable sites , away from dirty or filthy places around . Gradually, parents must explain that bad putting toys and other objects in their mouths .

During the game with parents , children need to know what things can not be touched , can not be put in the mouth , in which sites are prohibited to play . The family must make good use of household objects , also teaching the child to take care of their things .

If our child (or someone in the family ) are allergic to dust mites , you may have a problem with teddies . In this blog , a trick to washing.